So where have I been? Well, we just finished moving to Washington state, and what a fun adventure this is starting off as! We are almost done unpacking, my studio is 90% there which means I am getting back to work. My first project I had to keep quiet since it is for a Blizzard Fan Art competition being sponsored by Hot Topic! My entry was just accepted so here I am writing up this post about it! I created this artwork entirely digitally in Photoshop using my new Huion GT-191 and then I worked in Procreate on my iPad Pro before finishing it up in Photoshop for the final touches.

I just received the good news that My Entry to the Blizzard Fan Art competition has been accepted! Voting starts Thursday! I will be uploading a video of this work to Youtube in the next day or so, expect an update here!

Here is the link to see my work submission online!