Here I am again day 2 of posting! This painting was done in Photoshop but mainly on my iPad Pro in Procreate. First off though I apologize for the quality, I learned something after finishing this that the quality setting for the recorded videos in Procreate is stored in the settings menu. So this is what the piece looks like output to 1080p when it is natively a portrait styled painting. I am thinking about adding a tutorial video about this since I actually dug around a bit and didn’t find good info.

The project is a 15×19″ 300 dpi work file so needless to say there is a ton of detail that was lost in the video, but the final part of it is a closeup of the painting.

This painting was made to as a submission to the Blizzard Fan Art Competition hosted by Hot Topic. Voting opens on August 15th and runs until the 20th so if you see this video before then, please vote at: